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Upcoming Workshops: September 26 - 27,2020
Restorative FeldenkraisĀ® Online Workshop
Restorative FeldenkraisĀ® Online Workshop

Two Awareness Through MovementĀ® lessons (65 min.) over two days to help you restore your function during this ongoing uncertainty.

Saturday, September 26 @ 1:30-2:35 PM: Eye lesson

Do you have Zoom Fatigue? Tired, blurry eyes? Learn how coordinating your entire body with your eyes improves your vision.

Sunday, September 27 @ 1:30-2:35 PM: Arm lesson

Do you have pain and soreness in your hands from operating all of your electronic devices? Discover how finding dynamic support for your arms also improves your jaw function.

The lessons will be explored on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing for movement exploration. Have a space for your mat, blanket, and head supports.

Cost: $50 for both sessions

Susan Yee has been a registered occupational therapist for 23 years in the areas of physical medicine and mental health. She has an interest in helping vocalists and musicians stay healthy. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (cm) and a Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Recovery Practitioner (CPRRP).

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