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Upcoming Workshops: Oct 17-18, Nov 14-15, Dec 12-13, 2020
Restorative Feldenkrais® Online Workshop
Restorative Feldenkrais® Online Workshop
Cost: $50 for one workshop, $95 for two workshops, or $135 for all three workshops

Move smarter not harder. What happens when you let go of being goal oriented and be process oriented? Are you ready to discover how letting your curiosity and comfort be your guides to greater possibility? The Feldenkrais Method® is a mind-body approach, which combines movement and awareness to help reduce pain and stress by freeing your body towards greater motion and emotion.


Two Awareness Through Movement® lessons (65 min.) over two days for each workshop to help you restore your function and thrive during this pandemic.
You will be verbally guided members through a sequence of gentle, mindful movements.
Each workshop will explore different lessons.
The lessons will be explored on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing for movement exploration. Have a space for your mat, blanket, and head supports.
Here is a sample lesson: https://soundperformanceot.ca/resources/audio-lessons/

Saturday, October 17 & Sunday, October 18 @ 1:30-2:35 PM
Saturday, November 14 & Sunday, November 15 @ 1:30-2:35 PM
Saturday, December 12 & Sunday, December 13 @ 1:30-2:35 PM

Disclaimer: Reminder that O.T. role is as an information provider and not a provider of clinical services. These audio lessons are for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional help or medical treatment.

Bio: Susan Yee has been a registered occupational therapist for 23 years in the areas of physical medicine and mental health. She has an interest in helping vocalists and musicians stay healthy. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (cm) and a Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Recovery Practitioner (CPRRP).

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