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Skin Health

Many factors like genetics, aging, hormones and medical conditions can impact your skin health. Reducing stress, eating healthy, staying hydrated, exercising and getting enough sleep can help keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Big, Beautiful and Essential

Skin is your body’s largest organ and it protects us from bacteria, viruses, pollution, chemicals and the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also regulates body temperature, maintains fluid balance and controls moisture loss.

Just 10-20 minutes of full sunlight destroys up to 90% of the vitamin A stored in your skin. A deficiency in vitamin A along with vitamins C and E, antioxidants, bio-peptides and hydrating factors causes irregularity in the skin function, dehydration, uneven skin tone, rough texture, premature aging, wrinkles and skin laxity. So let’s protect, nourish and be mindful of our skin health so it not only looks and feels great but continues to be effective at protecting us.

Skin Care Treatments

Environ Ionzyme® DF Facial

Every day our skin loses vitamins due to exposure to these elements, which exacerbates the visible signs of aging. Environ skin care products have been formulated to combat and relieve the harmful effects of today’s harsh environmental changes, specifically pollution and ever increases doses of radiation from the sun due to the thinning of the protective ozone layer.

The Environ DF 11 Ionzyme® Machine is unmatched in its ability to deliver (penetrate) active molecules deep within the skin biology. Its ability to deliver essential vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and other active ingredients deep into the skin helps to provide you with more healthy, resilient and youthful-looking skin.

Studies have shown that transdermal deliver can improve by as much as 40X when using the Environ DF 11 Ionzyme® Machine. Over time and with sustained treatment this patented technology will transform the skin, returning the look of health and vitality for a lifetime.

Environ facials treat a variety of skin issues including: scarring, dehydrated, tired skin, spots and pigmentation discolouring and fine lines. Unlike other facial technologies, there is no damage or removal of skin layers and this facial is suitable for all skin types.

Quick Facts:
- Helps serums to penetrate 40 times better into the skin creating an infusion of vitamin A and C into the dermis
- Leaves the skin biology intact
- No damage or removal of skin layer

If you’re considering micro-needling, the Environ skin care is a good first step as healthy and vital skin responds significantly better when treated.

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Micro Needling

Micro needling is a minimally invasive procedure that can improve the look of your skin. Some refer to micro needling as collagen induction therapy and is great for smoothing out the skin, filling in acne scars and reducing fine lines.

At Heart Mind Body we use the InnoPen, which is an innovative micro needling device the utilizes surgical grade micro needles to perforate the skin to activate the body’s repairing mechanism.

These micro injuries trigger the skin cells to intensify the release of its own collagen and elastin to erase years from your skin and allows for deeper penetration of treatment solutions for optimal benefits.

The InnoPen offers the safest method of collagen induction therapy because it leaves the outer layers of your skin completely intact and undamaged. It’s virtually painless, with minimal to no downtime and no traumatic side-effects.

Quick Facts:
- Painless skin rejuvenation
- Safest method of collagen induction therapy
- Outer layer is intact & undamaged
- Sunburn-like reddening up to a few days (can be concealed with make-up)
- Regional, mild swelling
- Avoid sunlight while healing
- No time off of work

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