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A stress reducing and relaxation technique that promotes healing.

Massage Therapy

Promote natural healing and increase blood circulation with massage therapy. Whether your goals are to unwind after a long hard week, or to alleviate pain from knots, a massage will help you!

Massage will give you the chance to pamper your mind and body.

Pamper Yourself

Massage Services

A relaxing experience that helps promote circulation, reduce stress, activates your body and promotes natural healing.


  • 50 Minute Swedish Massage
  • 80 Minute Swedish Massage
  • 50 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
  • 50 Minute Hot Stone Massage
  • 80 Minute Hot Stone
  • 50 Minute Cellulite Reduction Massage
  • 80 Minute Cellulite Reduction Massage
  • 50 Minute Relaxation & Stress Coping Massage
  • 80 Minute Relaxation & Stress Coping Massage

Appointments available upon request

Services provided by our esthetician

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- Renee Peterson Trudeau
Nurturing yourself is not selfish - it’s essential to your survival and your well-being
- Renee Peterson Trudeau

Our hands-on intake approach allows us to take the time needed to uncover the larger picture of your health. We employ specialists from a vast variety of fields so that you benefit from the science of medicine and from a holistic and natural approach to healing.

A real listen. A closer look. A progressive plan.

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